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November 5 , 2001
Саффрон работает над разными проектами которые реализуются к концу года либо в начале 2002. В данный момент она записывает с разными продюсерами и авторами текстов ее новую команду СВАРМ.

  Совместные проекты -
Deep Sky       Вокал в   новом трэке "Shot Down In Flames"
The Cure        в дуэте с   Robert Smith в новом сингле   "Just say Yes"
Taken from web site SWARM

June 26,  2001
From Nine inch nails band news update site
Samantha Sprackling (Saffron), the striking lead singer of former hot British dance band Republica, announced a number of projects she has planned on alive edition of Ray Cokes: Still Wanted show on VH1 Europe recently, which include her new band Swarm and a collaboration with Nine Inch Nails' Danny Lohner on an undisclosed project. "She didn't say much else," said Junkhead, who caught the program. "She just mentioned she would be heading to the US to "work with Danny from NIN." From what Junkhead gathers from the interview, it was exclusive story because Ray Cokes, former 80's/90's MTV DJ, asked her if she had any hot news on what she has planned since the seemingly dissipation of Republica into obscurity.
Not only is Danny Lohner involved with project but the awesome Toni & Dean of Curve is working on the same material, says their official website. "It's all very poptastic and sleazy just like we like it," mentioned Toni. How soon will all this be taking place you ask? Sooner than you think! "I'm off to LA on the 2nd of July to do some more work on Saffron's project with Danny Lohner," explained Toni. "I'm really looking forward to seeing my American friends again, can't wait."
Hopefully we can provide more information about the project, but in the mean time, tune into their official website to learn more about Curve's new album entitled "Gift," slated for a September release, and many of other projects they have completed or currently involved in.

April 21,  2001

THE STRANGLERS and SAFFRON from REPUBLICA have all recorded
vocals for the solo album by SKUNK ANANSIE guitarist ACE.
As previously revealed on NME.COM, Skunk Anansie split earlier in the week after seven years. Details are now emerging about the band's various solo projects, and Ace has confirmed he has asked a selection of his "rock mates" to appear on his forthcoming project.
Speaking on the official Skunk Anansie website, www.skunkanansie.com, Ace said: "Firstly I wrote and programmed the music for the songs, and then asked musician friends to record them with me, before I sent the tapes to the singers to write the lyrics. I decided to produce the album myself...the musicians played amazingly and we had a lot of fun."
All the former members of Skunk Anansie will also appear on the

The tracklisting for the album is (not in order):
* 'Jet to California' - (featuring Jason Perry from A)
* 'X Amount' - (featuring Heitham Al Sayed from Senser)
* 'Skiers of Texas' - (featuring JJ Burnell from The Stranglers)
* 'There's No Pleasin' Some People' - (featuring Saffron from Republica)
* '45 Grave' - (featuring Cliff Jones from Gay Dad)
* 'Back Up'
* 'Between You and Me' - (featuring Skin)
* 'Crazy'
* 'Il Piu Grande Di Tutti I DJ'
* 'Murder' - (featuring Lemmy from Motorhead)
* 'No Fear Of Falling'
* 'Your Face Hurts' - (featuring Yap from One Minute Silence)

The as-yet-untitled album should follow later in the year, although a
release date is yet to be finalised, according to a spokesperson for
the band's label Virgin Records.

March 8, 2001
Хорошие новости.
Официальный сайт Репаблика вновь функционирует

March 1, 2001
  Плохие новости .
Закрылся официальный сайт Репаблика

Jan 23, 2001
  Выпущен в продажу саундтрэк к фильму  Sugar & Spice  в котором была использована композиция
Ready To Go
Play list

01. American Girl - Cindy Alexander02. Girls - Lefty 03. Critical Nature - The Dragonflies 04. Ready To Go - Republica 05. I'd Rather Float - Noogie 06. Pistolero - Juno Reactor  07. Shazam - Spiderbait 08. She's So Huge - The Flys 09. Party People - Phunk Junkeez 10. Reno's Rectifier - Mirainga  11. Let's Rob A Bank - Size 14


      July 29 2000

REPUBLICA, BOB GELDOF, THE STRANGLERS and STIFF LITTLE FINGERS are among the bands headlining a pair of festivals in North Devon later in the month.
Both events take place at the Milky Way Adventure Park near Bideford, North Devon.
The first, the Atlantic Rock Rats Rally is a 3,000 capacity punk and new wave festival on July 22. The festival features live performances from The Stranglers, Stiff Little Fingers, The Vibrators and The Cult Maniax. The second festival takes place the following weekend (July 29) and is called the Atlantic Rock 2000 festival. It features live performances from Republica, Bob Geldof, Schindler, Vicious Circle and Paul Roberts, as well as a selection of other local bands.

29 June 2000


После того как   BUSH, CHUMBAWAMBA, REPUBLICA and GUS GUS хорошенько встряхнули Истанбул  организаторы фестиваля решили сделать его ежегодным....

June 16 2000
has pulled out of the IAN DURY tribute show on June 16 at LONDON's BRIXTON ACADEMY, because, it is claimed, he doesn't want to be railroaded into a CLASH reunion.
The former Clash frontman had been due to appear on the Brixton stage separately to ex-band members Mick Jones and Topper Headon. But he is understood to have been unhappy that suggestions of a full Clash get-together were gathering pace. It would have been the first such reunion since the band fractured in 1983.Both Jones and Headon will still appear at the show.It is hoped that despite the live no-show, Strummer will still appear on 'Brand New Boots And Panties', the Dury tribute record slated for release later this year.
Billboard website www.billboard.com has also suggested that event headliner Robbie Williams will perform a cover of 'You're The Why', the last song Dury wrote before he died on March 27 following a long battle with cancer.
Also on the bill are members of Madness, Lightning Seeds’ Ian Broudie, Neneh Cherry, former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, Republica singer Saffron, former Dury associate Wreckless Eric and comedians Mark Lamarr, Keith Allen and Phill Jupitus.
Proceeds from the event will go to the charity Cancer Bacup, for whom Dury was a spokesman.

June 16 2000
, THE CLASH’s JOE STRUMMER, MICK JONES and TOPPER HEADON, members of MADNESS and IAN BROUDIE are among the stars lining up to perform at an IAN DURY tribute concert in London's Brixton Academy on June 16.Dury's band The Blockheads are set to headline the event and will also be joined by Neneh Cherry, Former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, Republica singer Saffron, former Dury associate Wreckless Eric and comedians Mark Lamarr, Keith Allen and Phill Jupitus. London duo Chas and Dave will also perform.Dury died on March 27 this year after a long battle with cancer. Proceeds from the gig will go to the charity Cancer Bacup, for whom he was a spokesperson.

June 4   2000

marked their live comeback with a one-off outdoor gig last night (Friday) in front of 4,000 Manx fans at the Isle Of Man TT 2000 festival. Singer/guitarist John Power opted not to play any new songs, instead playing a 16-song greatest hits set which the locals - normally deprived of big name bands playing on the island - lapped up. Cast will miss this year's summer festivals, but the 70-minute set at the Villa Marina Gardens in Douglas felt like the start of the festival season, with rain drizzling throughout the set and a big biker contingent in town for the races. After the opening 'Guiding Star', John Power joked: "I hope it's not raining" and kept referring to the Isle Of Man as the ‘Leg of lamb’. A spokesman for the band said: "They just wanted to play together again before they go back in the studio to record the album. They kept getting all these letters asking them to play the Isle of Man because no one ever does gigs there, so they thought 'Why not?'." Cast go into the studio next month to record their fourth album, the follow-up to last year's 'Magic Hour', which is due to appear in early 2001. The gig was alcohol-free and had an 11pm curfew, although Cast broke it by 10 minutes. Last night's concert followed a recent warm-up by Cast at Cardiff University Students' Union. Organisers of the TT motorbike festival worked to get bigger bands for this year's TT2000 than in the past, with Reef booked for Saturday (June 3) and Republica on Sunday (June 4).

   May 3   1999
Here are the latest tour dates!

  • May
    07 Aston University
    08 Aberdeen University Ball
    09 PA Sunderland FC v Birmingham FC
    15 Worcester University Ball
    21 Balelec Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland
    22 Roehampton Summer Ball
    28 Trinity College Ball, Carmarten
    11 Summer Ball, Royal Holloway College, Egham
    12 Summer Ball, Southampton SU @ Arts Centre, Poole
    14 Cambridge University, Venue TBC
    15 St John's College, Cambridge
    18 Canterbury, Christ Church College
    19 Istanbul, Turkey
    19 Dance Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
    25 Harper Adams University, Shropshire
    26 Belfast Show, Venue T.B.C.
    17 Gurten Festival, Berne, Switzerland

May 2  1999

  • Like some of you might already know are Republica currently in the studios recording new songs for the US release of 'Speed Ballads'. According to Tim Dorney the band's also working on prospective tracks for the next album.


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